Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hellride to Amber

Back in 1978 when I did this piece, I thought it was bad. Well, it could use a bit more focus in the composition, but it's a lot better now than I thought it was then. It depicts what Amber author Roger Zelazny called a "hellride," or an agitated fast gallop through the dimensions seeking the relative safety of the City of Amber. In the center, cape flying, is Corwin, the hero of the series, brandishing his sword which cuts through dimensional barriers. The red-haired gal is Fiona, his treacherous half-sister, and the guy in the red-crested helmet is Bleys, his half-brother. At right is Oberon, King of Amber, and the heraldic and real Unicorn, the symbol of this extended royal family. Behind the King is the "Pattern," the maze which underlies all of Amber's many realities.

I used an old technique on this picture which I still call my "storybook style," which is an ink drawing done in very thin lines, painted over with watercolor on heavy, absorbent paper. The Tarot trumps are in the same technique. I sometimes wonder whether I could still do that style nowadays. I have the equipment but my eyes aren't as good as they were in '78. Nevertheless, maybe I should give it a try. It is best on small scales.

"Hellride to Amber" is ink and watercolor, about 15" x 9", spring 1978. Click on the pic to see a larger image.


Tristan Alexander said...

Again a wow picture of yours I have never seen! I think it is very good, it is a great illustration and would fit in any modern graphic novel! Yes, this is a good technique, you should do it again!

emikk said...

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on in that picture!