Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lost Creek Winery

My Weekend Winery was "Lost Creek," located some miles north of Leesburg, Virginia. The day began with rain but by the time I got to the winery, the skies had cleared. I tasted some nice wines, including their excellent "Sweet Summer" which is made from a mix of grape and apple juices. Spring has brought brilliant green to the grass and new leaves are sprouting from the grapevines. On this Saturday there were vendors selling goodies in the party room, a guitarist/singer providing oldies rock songs, and in general a party atmosphere. I sat on the patio outside and drew this dry fountain, which has not been activated yet for the summer season. I like the trellis woodwork and the combination of wood and stone around the door. I also placed three landscape prints for sale in Lost Creek's art folders.

My sketch of Lost Creek's patio and fountain is brown technical pen with colored pencil, about 8" x 10", April 23, 2011.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Somehow I missed this one! I like it, it has that "undefined time" look. Not much if anything in it to tell you when in history this is. Nice, relaxing scene.