Friday, April 15, 2011

Portrait in Pencil

Back in my Cambridge days, I often drew portraits of my friends, and used the images in artwork. This lady was one of my fellow comic book fans, and I used to do sketches and illustrations for her fanzine. In those days "fanzines" were privately printed magazines on paper, which were distributed to a small circle of friends. This has all gone online now; I wonder whether any paper fanzines are still produced. Anyway, this gal was fairly glamorous in real life but for some reason I drew her as older and more weary than she really was. I drew this in pencil, a medium I'm not fond of because it smudges so much. But it doesn't fade the way some of my other drawings have. This was done in 1982, and is about 7" x 9".

1 comment:

Tristan Alexander said...

A very lifelike face! Very good and very portrait like without any bells and whistles.