Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Worm God

This Photoshop sketch is inspired by a contest on a fantasy art site which asks contestants to envision a God. Not the One True God, necessarily, but a divine being which would run the show in a fictional or gaming universe. Having seen the previous winners of these contests, I kind of know what they are looking for. I'm not trying to enter the contest, which is almost always won by tireless Asian twentysomethings, but I'd like to have their level of skill. The winning art is incredibly complex, almost to a manic level, and it is also packed with insane movement and action.

I tried to put some of this quality into this sketch, which I confess is done with cheap Photoshop tricks. If I wanted to do an actual entry, I would have to refine all of this and somehow introduce a naked woman as well. My concept here is what I imagine one of these fictional Gods to be: a swirling vortex of terrifying life energy well outside the humanoid or animal conceptions of our earthly Gods. Perhaps a bit Lovecraftian, I want a God who scares the daylights out of Its worshippers. Thus we have "The Worm God," staring out at us from the spinning abyss that will suck out our souls.

"The Worm God" is Photoshop, 7" x 10", April 12, 2011.