Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brown's Hardware Then

This is what I'm working on for Trader Joe's right now.  We have been instructed by the leadership of Trader Joe's to reflect our local areas in our decorations. I've done this before in my series of small painted wood plaques showing "Landmarks of Falls Church." This is a big slab of Masonite. It shows the longest continuously running business in Falls Church, "Brown's Hardware." This was started in the early 1880s and is still going today. This image, taken from an old contemporary photo, shows the original Brown's in the mid-1880s. There is a companion piece which shows Brown's as it exists nowadays. The emptier areas on the bottom and top will be covered up by decorative captions and Trader Joe's logo's. Civic pride is the story for Trader Joe's, at least this year.

Acrylic paint on primed Masonite, 4 feet by 3 feet, February 2013.

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