Monday, February 25, 2013

Winter Castle

Years ago, when I had plenty of time (and I often complained about being "not busy enough") I would make a series of small pictures to show at conventions. These would have "generic" fantasy elements, especially castles or other architecture, so they could go with any fantasy scenario the viewer had in mind. The architecture in this one is based on a medieval German castle. I would end up selling these pieces for figurative pennies; this one sold for $25, as my records show, at Boskone in 1994. 

I suppose I could do this again and show them at Balticon or wherever, but what sold in 1994 for $25 may not sell for much more in 2013. I've tried putting them at higher prices which would be more appropriate to the real worth of the piece, but in that case I do not sell it at all. Major artists often sell their small sketches for larger paintings, but I don't have anything major at all right now. I also feel like an amateur making small sketches for conventions while I do no professional fantasy art. However, this one's rather nice.

"Arrival at Winter Castle" is ink, colored pencil, and gouache on grey paper, 7" x 10", February 1994.


Tristan Alexander said...

This is amazing! You do such amazing buildings!! As for doing a buch of small pics like this for balticon, good idea! The thing you may have forgotten is that you have to get enough people seeing and wanting your work for the prices to go up! You need to get the quick and basic pictures out and for a cheap price at as many shows as you can and then after a couple years you should have people who will fight over them and give you better prices! I know you have already been a "big name" and this seems like going backwards, but you have been out of the top spot for a while and have to work your way back up!

Again, I LOVE this and it is yet another I may have to get a print of!

Mike said...

I love this piece as well.

As far as selling an original for $25, I agree that's very low.

Something to keep in mind is that most buyers are more than happy with a print, rather than buying an original piece. Selling a print between $15 to $25 is very reasonable at a con, and since you can sell multiples, you might be able to make enough cash to make it worthwhile.

You may already do this. If so, I'll just shut up. ;)