Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ocean Dreams

This lovely sea nymph is one of the very few truly pretty women I have ever depicted. She is copied directly from a Calvin Klein ad so it's probably not so legal, but it was some time ago and no one cares now. I'd love to sit some really pretty woman down and do her portrait. Live models with "model" looks are hard to find. I have so little time to do new art now I must be satisfied with quick sketches of whatever I want to do. 

"Ocean Dreams" is colored pencil and gouache on brown paper, 7" x 10", November 2000.


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Tristan Alexander said...

WOW! Beautiful!! I love this!! This reminds me to say I realy wish you would do some art cards through VistaPrint! This would make a great card and I bety would sell! (I would buy one). Also, this is an artistic version of an add! Adds are public, but even so, you gave credit so I am pretty sure you are safe!