Friday, June 7, 2013

Brown-Haired Sword Girl

Leigh Brackett was a female traditional science fiction/fantasy writer in a profession which can still be very unfriendly to women. She wrote a lot of action/adventure stories including the "Ginger Star" series, which is sort of an Edgar Rice Burroughs pastiche, but what otherworld fantasy isn't? (The stuff that is Tolkien or Conan Doyle pastiche, of course.) Brackett's work, as I remember, contains portrayals of effective and not wimpy women warriors. I did this tiny character portrait inspired by the "Ginger Star" stories.

Note that in this character portrait the costume is not skimpy and doesn't have deep-cut cleavage (although the bare arms are not so practical for a sword fighter). She doesn't have high heeled boots. Her sword is wieldable with two hands, like a claymore (but why did I put that crossbar on it? Is it made from a T-square, so she's a graphic design warrior?) And finally, she has BROWN hair. Remember that every female warrior in art or writing has red hair! This character is not a victim...of fantasy stereotypes.

"Princess of the Ginger Star" is acrylic on illustration board, 5" x 9", July 1987.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Another great picture! With the "Ginger Star" I thought for sure it would be a red head!