Monday, June 10, 2013

Failure in the blog spot and WinePaddery

The By-Product missed two days due to the failure of my main studio computer, an iMac nicknamed "Bizmac." I have no idea why the thing won't start up but up until then it had been doing fine. I must have done something to it...too much byte-heavy graphics and photo-processing work? A corrupt file somewhere? Too much wine? When a computer fails, it's always the user's fault. When a Macintosh fails, it is not only the user's fault but the user must do penance to the enshrined spirit of Stephen Jobs. I'm hoping that one of my expert friends will help me get Bizmac back on track, or at least help me haul it to the Apple Store at the nearby mall. I am currently posting from my laptop, "WineMac," which is hooked up to the cable system and studio setup.

The day Bizmac conked out, I went to Casanel Vineyards outside of Leesburg, where I did this bright-colored bit of iPaddery while sipping Casanel's Pinot Gris and munching on crackers and blue cheese. A moment of ideal pleasure in my life which hasn't had much of that these days. The leaves and vines were that special brilliant green of a well-watered early June, before things get baked by summer heat and turn yellower.

"Art Studio" app on iPad, June 8, 2013. 

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