Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yet another rock vampire

There's no escape.You must be subjected to yet another rendition of "The Vampire Lestat" as a rock performer. This time, the model is Jani Lane, the long-forgotten (and dead by alcohol overdose) lead singer for the long-forgotten hair metal band "Warrant." In this case, the forgetting is a good strategy. I did my best though, giving him goth-y jewelry, a metallic-printed T shirt with the type from the cover of Rice's "The Vampire Lestat," and a puffy leather jacket. There is also the discreet but well-placed blood droplet on his lip. OK, what can I say, it was the '80s, but even that isn't a good excuse. And this picture was not done in the '80s. And our own era isn't devoid of tastelessness. Justin Bieber as a teenage vampire? There are things humankind must not be allowed to conceive of.

Vampire Lestat is watercolor on illustration board, 11" x 14", October 1990. Plenty of restoration in Photoshop.

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Tristan Alexander said...

I don't like this as Lestat but the rendering is well done. You did all the elements well as far as a realiustic face etc. I am not familiar with the singer it is based on but I can imagine it is a good version of them.