Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Artisan Bread

"Artisan Bread" is trendy stuff which has been baked and eaten for millennia. Trader Joe's sells it and most of the time all the artisan bread which has been brought from the bakery is bought up by the end of the day. This is not a fantasy; there really is a bakery in Maryland which bakes and ships their goodies to TJ's every day. I love this bread but it goes stale quickly given that it has no preservatives. So a lot of the time I freeze it for later consumption.

This sign is the successor to earlier artisan bread signs I've done for Trader Joe's. I decided on the generic "Bread" rather than "Breads." My handmade graphics have some flaws, for instance the long-stemmed "T" in "Artisan," in which I was inspired by the long-stemmed "T" in the old Beatles logo on Ringo's bass drum, should go between the B and R of "Bread." And "Baked Fresh Daily" varies in letter and word sizing. However this sign will be mounted above eye level and bread buyers will not notice, unless they are graphic designers.

You can view earlier iterations of this bread sign on this blog entry from 2009.

Sign is spray paint and acrylic markers on Masonite board, about 30" x 20", June 2014.

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