Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tiernon the Mage of Avriaten

Shariann Lewitt's first published work was a humorous fantasy short story about playing cards with the Devil, and her first full-length published work was a fantasy novel, "First and Final Rites," dated 1984. "Rites" was a tale of magic and palace intrigue, taking place in the fantasy land of Avriaten. There was a strong romantic element in the story, too, involving a young Adept priestess of royal lineage and a courtier, Tiernon, who was also a mage, though he hid that under an assumed identity as a luxurious fop. I painted Tiernon's portrait for Shariann, back when we were good friends. Shariann didn't like fantasy, preferring to write about modern or futuristic worlds with non-magical technology. From the Wikipedia article about her, it seems she hasn't published anything new in almost fifteen years, though I've seen recent reprints of her older books at a convention dealership.

"Tiernon of Avriaten" is acrylic on Masonite, 9" x 22", December 1983.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Wow, again you prove yourself wrong! You CAN do people well. This is lovely, it has a great flow and suppleness. It reminds me slightly of Arabian Nights story art. The pose and the way you painted the tiles behind him are wonderful!