Friday, October 10, 2014

My Water Bottle

This is an image of a hot/cold thermos bottle sold by Starbucks in 2006. I bought it that year during the autumn, when it was available in ORANGE. I still use it almost every day. It's meant for tea or coffee but I put cool water in it. A co-worker suggested that I drink water to "keep hydrated" during the day and it seemed like a good idea. A visit to eBay finds other examples of this historical item, selling for modest bucks. eBay also reveals that the product name for this bottle is "Marilyn." The cup-shaped top can be used to drink from though I rarely do that. When I bought it, I thought it looked like a bomb so I referred to it, at work, as my bomb. Co-workers heard me say that and thought I was saying "my BONG" so it has had that nickname ever since, though there is no weedy substance anywhere near me or the water bottle. I'm amazed that Marilyn has lasted so long, what with the difficult environment of an active workplace. I try to keep it clean and respectable.

Pitt technical pen ink on sketchbook page, about 5" x 5", October 8, 2014.  Color added in Photoshop.

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