Monday, June 29, 2015

Renovation studio chaos

This is what has kept me from making a decent post on the By-product in the last couple of weeks. With the kaput-ness of my computer, I have had to remove it and everything that was plugged into it too. All these devices and a spaghetti mess of cables were covered with dust. The windows were grungy. So I got to work and have been cleaning off and vacuuming and dusting and attempting to clean the windows. Today I toiled over it with mixed results. There are still annoying streaks on the windows but it is much better than before. This may not look too bad to you but to me it's maddening. You can see the white IKEA desk (child sized!) and my improvised stacks of plastic crates loaded with printed resources. The vacuum cleaner is in the center and on the desk are cleaning stuff, almighty Windex and a red kneeling pad. I have lots of oriental rugs and they need vacuuming. The printer is at upper left. This room is really nice (if crowded) when in good order and operation. I have a view out the window into urban trees, and also Greek icons (the religious type) and a hanging brass lantern from Egypt. Sooner or later all this will be resolved and I can get back to doing productive work and showing you By-products.

Canon S90 photograph. Click for larger view. OK, "Architectural Digest" it isn't.

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