Friday, May 20, 2016

Brandeis Graduate Flying Cape

Hooray! I'm a graduate! Well, I graduated from Brandeis University in 1975, so it was a while ago, but this was a tryout for my yearbook picture. I had a friend pose me with my cloak of levitation at the top of a stairway, and she took a number of pictures. I liked this one but did not choose it for the yearbook, since I wanted a face portrait. Forty-one years later I'm still a costume fan and Brandeis graduate. Congratulations to everyone around me who is graduating from college or celebrating other happy occasions.

I'm still in Massachusetts working through the clearing of the old family house and will be there for some time. This picture comes from a pile of photos and memorabilia which will have to be sorted and preserved when I take it back to Virginia. I am too busy with the helpers and art removal to do any art myself. But I'm making progress unloading all the STUFF that has been in this house gathering dust for all these years.

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