Friday, May 6, 2016

Kallitechnia Panorama 2

Mr. Kallitechnia Client asked for two versions, vertical and horizontal, of the panoramic view of his utopian village. You already saw the vertical version, so here is the horizontal version. If you look closely at the layout, you can find all sorts of buildings and infrastructure: a little glass-covered mall at left, a major supply tunnel under the center, a lake shore and a boat house with a climbing cliff at right, and multi-level social spaces. At the top is the climate-controlled dome which connects with all the residences and classrooms. There is also a playing field at lower center and terraces for growing herbs and vegetables. And where would such a place be built? In a place full of utopias and experimental architecture, of course: Kallifornia!

Original art is black ink on illustration board, 14" x 11", March 1997. Click on this image for a larger view.

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