Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Country House in the City

I live in a big city, but if you looked at some secluded sites, you'd never know it. There are old houses and plots of land which are more or less untouched since they were built back in the mid-20th century or even the late 19th century. This house is only a few blocks from my residence. I did the drawing on-site on a hazy, hot, humid late spring day. Later that day there was a huge thunderstorm. 

This is taken from my illustrated journal for 1998. This fabulous volume had a colored pencil drawing on every page. I would never be able to do that nowadays when I am so occupied with family and other matters. However I still use this style in my winery and landscape art. And I have many more colored pencils including beautiful new "natural" landscape colors which you will see in my next winery drawings. 

"Country in the City" is sepia tech pen ink and colored pencil, 8" x 4", May 31, 1998.

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