Saturday, June 18, 2016

Early Digital Logo Design

Someone in the science fiction fan community asked me to do a logo for what I vaguely remember was a gaming information site. I was just getting started at digital art and had acquired one of the earliest color printers, the "HP PaintJet." I did the logo not for money but just for practice. CorelDraw provided plenty of graphics resources to work with geometric designs. I gave my amateur client two different designs, with a "space architecture" look to them. Which one do you like better?

I like the top one better. After I delivered the designs the client decided he didn't like either of them because they were too complex and not easy to recognize instantly. Which might be true, so that's why you do assignments like this. These designs come from the dawn of digital design, the early 1990s just after the invention of the World Wide Web.

CorelDraw digital designs, printed out on HP PaintJet, c. 1993.

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