Thursday, June 23, 2016

Edouard Bullerjahn's Seaside Edifice

One of my mentors during my study of architectural drawing was an old friend of the family named Edouard Henri Bullerjahn, an American of Dutch ancestry who specialized in yachts, seaside palaces, and elegant interiors. He designed this house, which was never built, as an exercise in style. The squarish block shape was meant to be reminiscent of the famous villas of 16th century Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Since I was learning to work from blueprints, I asked Bullerjahn whether I could do a rendering of his Palladian house. This is the result. I had some trouble with the tall narrow windows which were based on the "Golden Mean" but this is the way they were designed. The villa is intended to be a seaside vacation "cottage" and you can see the ocean horizon at the right of the image. Bullerjahn is long gone, but I will remember him, and perhaps somewhere his architectural designs are archived. I still have the Palladian plans somewhere.

Pencil on tracing paper, about 16" x 12", May 1985.

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