Friday, March 24, 2017

Barnard frame 5

I finished Frame 5 of my sequential art rendering of composer Keith Barnard's "Passing of the Soul." In this one, our main character, lying "helpless on (her) bed," is surrounded by the Seven Creatures. She doesn't know if they are hostile or friendly. The lava and dark clouds symbolize her "hellish existence." But things will change for our soul traveler very soon. 

Many layers of color collapsed into this image. Most of the time I was using flat color fill-ins which are characteristic of sequential art. But with the psychedelic magic of Photoshop I can do anything I want with color and texture without messing up the original ink drawing.

Ink on illustration board, colored in Photoshop, 8" x 6", March 24, 2017. Please click on the  image for a closer look but no hellish existence. 

March month marks the beginning of this Blog back in 2008. "Art By-Products" has endured (with some breaks) for nine years! Can I keep it going and supplied with suitable images? The future is not even known to the Seven Creatures of Light.

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