Sunday, March 26, 2017

Terra Nebulo

The weather was dim and grey for "Wine Saturday" but it is always a good thing to visit a winery. This one is "Terra Nebulo Vineyards" in Waterford, Virginia. It is a fairly new winery and their building is fresh and bright. The woodwork is splendid, crafted by a team of Amish builders. The name "Terra Nebulo" sounds like "Cloudy Earth" in fractured Latin but "nebulo" (not "nebula") means bad guy or shady (cloudy) character. The Terra Nebulo logo is an old-fashioned bandit's black domino mask as their area was once known for its bandits. Not raccoons though the creatures wear a similar mask. The wine was nice especially the Traminette (white) and Chambourcin (red). They don't have mature vineyards yet at Terra Nebulo but in a few years, if they can keep the voracious deer away, they will. Here in early Spring there's a hint of green in the grass but no leaves on trees or vines.

Brown sepia tech pen ink and colored pencils, 7" x 7 1/2", March 25, 2017.

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