Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Observatory Geometrikon re-colored

This is a Geometrikon from February which I re-colored in markers and colored pencil, then added on the starry background in Photoshop. With digital/hybrid art, there is no one "original" which poses a problem for both artists and collectors.  Do you want to sell these creations? If so, which version? And in what medium? The colored version on paper may not look like the version from digital, and the only way to get a collectible item out of the digital version is to print it. Commercial users are fine with buying a computer file, but collectors want a more  personal, hand done piece which is unique. It isn't solved yet. Probably in the future this question will be irrelevant.

Inks, colored pencils, markers, and Photoshop, about 3" x 3", February 2017.

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