Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Passing of the Soul" frame 4 Seven Creatures

This manifestation of the Seven Creatures of Light took somewhat longer than I expected. I am working on a hybrid process uniting hand-done ink drawing with digital coloring. This is what comic book (sequential art) producers use now and I need to gain skill with it before I do more professional quality sequential art. The original text is divided up in the frame with different typefaces and sizes. Barnard, the author, has a way of making up non-existent words made from conventional syllables, or sometimes rare or regional items such as "piquettish" which I think means something in Irish. I'm using the bright yellow as a theme here, as it is mentioned in the palette sun circle. The purplish grey is clouds which swirl to reveal the Seven Creatures, energy beings with stylized animal heads. That's not in Barnard's text but I threw them in to make the story work. We will learn more about why the Creatures are here and what the golden mountain lion is carrying.

Black and brown marker ink and brown dip pen ink, colored and lettered in Photoshop, 6" x 8", March 7, 2017. Click for a larger view.

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