Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Roman Abstraction

These are the colors of Rome - orange stucco and the almost opal-like colors of carved and fitted stonework. In the last month of my Roman stay in 1976, I did as many drawings and paintings as I could of the Roman environment. Many times my sketches turned into abstractions of line and color, rather than just portraits of buildings. I would draw the pencil sketch on site and then paint it in my room later on. I used a ruler to get the watercolor lines but at this point so much later on I don't remember exactly how. I wonder if I could do this kind of drawing again. Maybe on the iPad? The iPad doesn't have the ability to automatically draw straight lines, but the much heavier Cintiq does. I still rely on the old standby: pencil, pen, and paper. Unfortunately I don't have plans to return to Rome any time soon. The world is a more difficult place for me and for everyone than it was in 1976.

Watercolor on Canson watercolor paper, 8" x 6", summer 1976.

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