Tuesday, March 20, 2018

10 years of By-Products!

Here we are, now blogging for 10 years and still going, after more than 3,000 posts. I don't want to compare myself to the "Iron Man" Cal Ripken, but I will say that very few blogs last for 10 years. There have been times when I have thought of quitting but decided against it. When I run out of vintage art to post, what happens then? If I go to a one-in-two days or one-in-three days posting schedule, will I just get lazier and drop it altogether? I can't predict. I like to keep drawing no matter how trivial so don't drop out folks. Thanks for your friendship and faithfulness.

Grayscale markers on sketchbook page, something by something, March something, 2008-2018 and more to come I hope. 

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Mike (Altus) said...

Congratulations! 😄