Sunday, March 25, 2018

Neo-Classical Door

This is from the same "Architectural Art" portfolio that you've seen recently here. In Virginia and Maryland, and DC as well, you have to build new buildings that look exactly like the old ones. So the area is filled with neo-colonial residences that have a bit of the old look but are actually mass-produced. This door frame, for instance, would have been carved out of wood and painted white, but it is actually molded out of a plastic resin called "fypon." Fypon doesn't decay like wood and you don't have to paint it. The door itself may be real wood, or it might be a synthetic too. Is your house real or unreal? Classical or neo-classical? Historic or imitation? Only the garden plants are real.

Printed on textured paper, original in colored pencils, 2" x 3", 1990.

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