Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Twigs

Tired of NoantriWorld? I'll bet you are. So here's a realistic drawing of winter trees, which I drew in 1975. It is the view out my dorm room window at Brandeis. I could not do any better now, which as I have said is not encouraging for my artistic skill development. I have been so busy lately with day job-related activity that I have not had any time to make new art.


emikk said...

they don't have winter trees in the Noantri world? Of course they must. So, we aren't finished with the "N" world yet....is this some sort of segway into our world?

Pyracantha said...

I just figured that people would be bored with a steady diet of my treatises and architectural renderings from NoantriWorld so I'd do something else. After all, those Urban Sketchers manage to come up with a new reality-based drawing every day. I don't have that much reality, so I draw from the archives.