Sunday, February 1, 2009

Noantri Street

Here's a frame from my ongoing graphic novel, THE FLAMING RAMPARTS. It stars Enlil, who you will find a few entries earlier. I started it in 1999, so it's ten years old and still only half done at 40 pages. I haven't worked on it in quite a while, so I have left it in the middle for now.

The story is basic: a volcano in a populated area threatens to erupt, and Enlil who is working with the scientists, tries to prevent the devastation with his theophoric powers. Along with this basic story is an unscrupulous energy company, a foreign seismologist who may or may not be a spy, and a young scientist who is on the verge of awakening to his own psychic talents.

I keep hoping that I will get back to working on this, but I also have other projects including the architecture series which I have been posting here. I'd like to finish this someday. All I need is the planning.

THE FLAMING RAMPARTS is done in ink and watercolor on 10" x 15" pages of illustration board (extra thick Fabriano paper), though I am contemplating coloring the rest of it in Photoshop rather than messy watercolor.

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