Monday, February 23, 2009

Tysons Corner Urban Sketch

OK, here's a couple of bits of, uh, reality. I can be an "Urban Sketcher" too! But I don't produce enough "reality" art about my city area to appear on their group blog. The octagonal tall building in the above sketch is the Sheraton Premiere, an upscale business hotel. I wonder how empty it is these days. Maybe I'll go in there and do a sketch and hope they don't throw me out. I'll draw anything if it's a building. I don't get to talk to architects much, so I don't know whether they really love buildings and are enthusiastic about design. 

I am almost through with my "Architecture of Mereth Kahn" project. I will continue to post images and text from it both here and on my Noantri Blog. I hardly get any comments on my techno-mage architect and his work. When I'm done putting the images together with text and background, I'll have about 20 pages, which I will put together into a booklet of some kind, though at this moment I don't know how I will publish it, nor if anyone would even want to own it. I have spent an unusual amount of time on this, with no expectation of earning any money from it. However, it's exactly what I want to do, concerning my Noantri world, and so I've kept at it.

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