Thursday, February 19, 2009

Phil Faces the Enemy

During the Eighties decade I did numerous fantasy portraits. This was one of them. It features Phil, who was then the husband of a friend of mine, battling the English at the fourteenth-century Battle of Bannockburn. He wields a claymore, an extra-long Scottish fighting sword, which he owned as a museum replica. I make no pretense of historical authenticity here. Phil is wearing a modern kilt and an anachronistic coat of mail (which he also owned). He collected a lot of weapons both ancient and current, which he loved to show off, and I used some of them as image references. I didn't get money for this picture, in fact I got museum replica weaponry: a stiletto and a broadsword, both of which I recently gave away to people who appreciate them much more than I would. My world used to be filled with this type of fantasy warrior stuff but that has now passed almost completely out of my life. 

Phil is painted in acrylic on illustration board, 11" x 14", done in June 1987.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Looks SCA related, nice as usual.
You gave away a stiletto and a broadsword and not to me?? :(

Ah well.