Friday, February 27, 2009

Portrait of the Architect

Here's Mereth Kahn himself, holding the datasefer (what we would call a portable hard drive, but with much more capabilities) containing the "blueprints" and visualizations of the Theophoric Institute at Surakosai. Our term "star-chitect" certainly applies to Kahn. 

Not only was he born into one of the premiere architectural families of Khemi, he also was a Theophore, which seems to be an excess of privilege. He managed to combine adepthood with architecture without exploding or becoming a monster. Perhaps it is the natural calmness of the Khemaru people which has saved him from that fate. But his life was not free from controversy; although he contracted an arranged marriage and fathered three children, he left his family and came out as openly gay in a society that did not tolerate such things. He is forty years old at the time I write this, and his story is definitely not over.

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