Saturday, August 1, 2009

Iconic Stratford Motor Lodge, Falls Church

I drew this while sipping a white mocha at the iconic Starbucks next door. The iconic Stratford Motor Lodge has been hosting guests in the center of Falls Church since the 60s. The renovators of Falls Church keep wanting to get rid of it. A fancy new chain brand hotel is supposed to be built right across the street, but other than the removal of the iconic Two Sisters coffee booth and the move of the U.S. Post Office from its iconic dreary civic building, where the new hotel is supposed to go, nothing has happened. They (town planners and commercial interests) intend Falls Church to be a slick place like the iconic Reston Town Center. Progress is mixed, however.

I will draw anything if it's iconic. I'm an icon. You're an icon. Had enough? No one else in the word media has, either. Iconic's in every article, just look for it. The icons just keep being conic.

And happy birthday Regina! You're an icon too.

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