Thursday, September 24, 2009

Atlas, page 5

Page 5 of my "Atlas Shrugged" graphic sequence involved quite a lot of architectural drawing, but that's what I do best. I am really enjoying this. If I had all the time in the world, I'd make a graphic novel out of the whole book. It is so right for a graphic story format. Ink on notebook paper, about 7" x 10". Type added in Photoshop.

I consider RandWorld an alternate universe, set in about 1950. Don't expect computers, cell phones, widespread air travel, spaceships, or even television. Think of RandWorld as a variety of "steampunk," set in the grim years after World War II - which the Russians won. In Rand's own story, Europe and the rest of the world has been converted to Communism. Countries such as Britain, France, and Japan are now "People's States," while only America retains something of a capitalist economy.

Industry is on a smaller scale than we have nowadays, and the best companies are family-run enterprises bearing the family name and run by descendants of the patriarch. Railroads still dominate the transportation sector, as there are no long-distance jet plane flights nor interstate highways on which long-haul trucks can travel.

Rand was not a world-builder; she wanted to concentrate on preaching her philosophy. But here in an unspeakable future world beyond Ayn Rand's comprehension, I can illustrate it, philosophy and all.

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