Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Radiolarian Aliens

In the mid-80s I was still painting space pictures with the top part empty, hoping to have them picked up for book covers. None of them ever made it, I'm sorry to say. During that era I was very influenced by the science fiction illustrations of Paul Alexander, who worked in gouache and had a brilliant sheen to his colorful work. This painting is entitled "Radiolarians," and depicts a battle between two alien entities who are shaped like the Earth's tiny marine creatures called Radiolarians. One of them is shooting some sort of energy weapon at the other one.
"Radiolarians" is acrylic on Strathmore illustration board, 12" x 20", February 1986.

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Tristan Alexander said...

I am amazed, this one fooled me. I thought for sure it was computer generated! And for that I have to give you points, since very few computer generated pictures fool me and since I normally can tell if something is hand done.
Good effects!