Thursday, September 3, 2009

Steam-driven Photoshop

Some of my handful of readers have heard of "steampunk," which I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts. Basically, it's "neo-Victorian" or even "neo-Industrial" science fiction. The concept is an alternative world where technology consists of gears, dirigibles, pre-digital media and primitive but beautifully designed electric instruments. Graphic designers have been busy creating Photoshop "brushes" (like digital rubber stamps) of gear patterns and other Steampunky industrialia. Here's a composition using some of them. It's a study for a larger graphics project I'm working on, an album cover for an ambient band's upcoming release. Photoshoppe is the medium, marshalling all those electrons into glowing order.

I'm working in a much higher resolution than I usually do, and it gives my iMac the vapors. In fact, a lot of things, such as music synthesizer software (the disparagingly named "GarageBand") give this supposedly powerful computer the vapors. The machine slows down and gets wonky and I have to stop and let it cool down. I'll just have to consider it one of those pieces of pretty but fragile electrical equipment that glimmer inside hand-blown bulbs surrounded by brasswork.

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Tristan Alexander said...

LOL, well I am not a fan of digital but this amused me. Maybe because it gave your Mac the "vapers" and Macs are supposedly SO much better than those horrible PCs. LOL, a computer is a computer and they all have problems.