Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post Number 500: Retro Space

From the same 1950s era that brought us glitzy motel signs, tailfins on cars, and rock 'n' roll, came colorful streamlined spaceships and rockets that looked like rockets. Even though they didn't have to go through an atmosphere. Here we are landed on some barren moonlike planet close to the center of our galaxy. The astronauts have silver spacesuits and perfect hair. I hope they have enough fuel, and a strong enough spacewarp, to get home.

I painted this in gouache on illustration board, 8" x 7", February 1984.

This is my 500th post to "Art By-Products." I'm a persistent blogger that's for sure.

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Tristan Alexander said...

wow! I don't useualy like "space art" that much but I really like this. It has a photo quality to it and really works for me.