Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tysons Mall Rotunda

I haven't been to Tysonia in a while so I decided to be a good American consumer and go there. I liberated currency in Starbucks and Barnes and Noble, paying with a gold coin that had the image of Ayn Rand stamped on it. All right, it was a Visa card, but I'm living in more than one universe these days. Well, maybe every day. Then I sat down with my cappuccino and a soft pretzel and while consuming these, did this drawing. Friday afternoons and evenings are good for mall sketching because the mall is full of people. You want the drawing to be populated. This is the first drawing in a new sketchbook, so it has to be good. I enjoy drawing malls because their inner spaces are layered and complex. The interesting "pineapple" lantern to the left near the rectangular pillar is from "Coastal Flats" restaurant. This really nice restaurant also has an anomalous white faux-carved-wood porch in front of it. But this porch, instead of being on a street in the Florida Keys, looks out on the artificially lit, swarming interior of a shopping mall.

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