Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Flaming Pumpkin

It's Flyer Time at Trader Joe's again. This is the ad for that cute booklet filled with goodie descriptions which TJ's publishes for the temptation of its customers. This colorful panel goes on display in the "lobby" of the store, just when you enter, so that you'll know that Flyers are available. You saw the orange and black indicator here earlier this month. Those are now distributed all over the store, showing where the Flyer items are. That's how we do advertising at Trader Joe's, complete with flaming pumpkin. Inside the store is a giant pumpkin with the TJ's logo etched into it. Orange is everywhere.
Spray paint and acrylic markers on black foamboard, 30" x 20".


Tristan Alexander said...

A Gay Jack-o-Lantern?? LOL, the "Flaming Pumpkin" just made me think that! Very striking and I am sure somewhat fun to do.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is never enough orange!