Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Tinfoil Queen Texts Upon her Throne

Every two and a half months I make a visit to the hairdressers to "recharge" my hair color and get my hair cut. While I sit waiting for the hair dye to set, I sometimes draw things in my sketchbook. This fellow beauty shop inmate was in my line of sight. Her tinfoil highlights dye job in progress, reminded me of some exotic crown. She was texting away on her mobile device, like everyone else. Except me. I have a mobile phone but I never use it. And I have never text-messaged anyone. I don't even know how to do that. And even more, I don't have anything to say. At least, not that anyone needs to hear. You can read it here if you need to.


Mike said...

I don't understand the reason "texting" has become so popular. It's meant for a simple communication, yet people have conversations with it instead.
Ummm, duh! CALL THEM! ;)

Pyracantha said...

Hey, let her text away, as long as she's not DRIVING. If she texts, we don't have to hear her yammer loudly on as if she were in private, rather than in a public place, where everyone can hear about her intimate details.