Sunday, October 18, 2009

Play Railroad Tycoon in Ayn Rand Comics

When I look up "Railroad Tycoon" in Google, I don't get references or images of 19th-20th century railroad barons. I get pictures and play schemes for a video game called "Railroad Tycoon." I have never played it, and have only vaguely even heard of it. I guess there aren't any railroad tycoons left in the USA. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe, in Randworld, it is not good. There might be mini-tycoons though (would they be "tykes?" "tykeenies?") who run small railroads on old tracks through touristy areas. I found this kind of railroad when I went to West Virginia early this summer. But the rail town was deserted, and the station was empty. I'd love to see a steam engine chugging down the track. Hiyo, Phoenix-Durango!

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