Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to Bluemont

Here I am back in Bluemont, at least artistically. This house is on the main road of Bluemont, Virginia, a beautiful tiny town in the foothills of the Appalachians. I took the reference photo for it when I went to the town-wide Bluemont Fair in September. But the house really didn't look like this. In reality, this Victorian edifice is in disrepair, and it was further disarrayed by haphazard attempts at restoring it. Using my architectural rendering skills, I have portrayed this house as it should be, if the repair job was perfect. I have also given the place a landscaping makeover. If you look at the first floor facing us, you see a lot of windows. These are where a part of what was once a wrap-around porch was turned into an enclosed sitting-room. I suppose a complete restoration would remove this and turn it back into a porch, but I'm leaving it there. I wouldn't mind living in this house, if the renovation job really could happen. I hope I can revisit Bluemont for real.

Ink and watercolor on illustration board, 8" x 10", December 2009.

1 comment:

Tristan Alexander said...

Amazing, it looks s "life like"! Now you need to so a "haunted" version of the same house, even more in disrepair than the real one is.