Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cybercity of Revelations

The covers I did for TELECOMMUNICATIONS inspired this picture, along with images from the movie TRON. The influence was there, even though I had never seen the movie, only still images from it. Its title is CITY OF REVELATIONS, which is the title of a book about pseudo-scientific religious legends, including Biblical Revelations.

I had done a small version of this some weeks earlier, to try out the paint-by-ruler technique and airbrush bursts. I went ahead on the larger one and showed it at Boskone, Boston's annual science fiction convention. It was bought by a longtime collector friend of mine, and whenever I visit him in his Cambridge quarters, there it is on the wall.

This image was later used as the cover for the German edition of Bruce Sterling's SCHISMATRIX. In those days German publishers used to buy one-time rights from American artists for book covers. They would print from ordinary 35 mm slides.

CITY OF REVELATIONS is acrylic on black-coated illustration board, 13" x 22", January 1987.

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