Friday, December 25, 2009

Glacial Drifts in the Parking Lot

I searched through my archives for something reverent and pretty to put up here for Christmas, and found nothing that I felt was just right. Nor did I want to concoct some tacky toss-off in Photoshop. So here's today's drawing, or what a white Christmas looks like here in the DC area. Great big heaps of crumbly snow are everywhere, pushed up into dirty drifts by the plows. Many parking spaces are lost under these heaps while people frantically try to find a place to put their enormous SUV's and vans. I was one of those consumers myself. I took the time to make this sketch while sitting on the tailgate of my not-so-enormous van. The people were vicious today. It is one of the ironies of this whole holiday period that it brings out the worst in people, when it is supposed to bring out the best. I might ask what is wrong, but there is no simple answer and I'm not going to volunteer my thoughts about it. I wish you all a very happy Christmas holiday, or at least a winter weekend without too much torment.

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Tristan Alexander said...

Happy Holidays to you also! Your picture and comments on it made me chuckle. I really wish I could just take time and draw watever I see like you do. As for the "Spirit" of the season...well, I have come to understand that what many claim to "belive" and what they practice are so oposite as to make their faith a lie. But it's Christmas, so happy YULE!!