Thursday, December 17, 2009

Noantri: Not X-actly the X-Men

Friends and "fans" of mine will remember that I have an imaginary world which I have illustrated and written about for most of my life. The "Noantri" are a grey-haired people who came through a stargate to settle an alternate, pre-historic Earth where humans had not yet evolved. Most Noantri have some degree of psychic powers, and some rare Noantri have a cosmically high level of psi ability, which needs lots of training and practice to master or even live with. They're not mutants, and they're not super-heroes in costume, either. They perform various services for (or against) society.

Here's an international group of seven of these gifted types, in their accustomed native garb. They are five men and two women, the ladies being Ariadne (second from left) and Miraqatna (second from right.). These are all based at an institute for psychic studies, where they teach or learn to use their powers wisely. The leader and master adept is Tanheu, the little guy in black in the center. (See my Art By-Products entry for January 17, 2009.) The colorful glows around their heads are an artistic convention to note the color of their psychic aura. These characters, along with others, may appear in my future illustrations and sequential art. Another psi-adept from this world, the architect Mereth Kahn, was the subject of my architectural series here in January and February, earlier this year.

Ink drawing, colored in Photoshop, about 8" x 5". Click on the image for somewhat larger version.


Anonymous said...

Now appearing as the wallpaper of my monitor. I'm not really feeling much holiday spirit (TM) this year. Thanks for inspiring me to add some more Pyracanthian artwork to my daily life.

Pyracantha said...

Meowhair, I am thrilled that my picture cheered you up enough that you put it on your screen. I am hoping to bring the world of Noantri to life in picture and word, so you might find out more about those characters and many others in the New Year. Thank you and remember, at the Winter Solstice/Christmas the days start getting longer (at least for us folks in the Northern Hemisphere.).