Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Traffic at the Stargate

This image finally got to be a cover - in Germany. It was originally called "Traffic at the Stargate," depicting ships going to and fro in a science-fictional tunnel to somewhere. As with the "City of Revelations" picture, it was later picked up by a German publisher for a cover overseas. The image ended up on an s.f. pulp magazine cover, illustrating a story called, in an enigmatic mix of German and English, "Das Ende der Point Of." The end of "Point Of?" Huh? Well, it got published and that's what counts.

"Traffic at the Stargate," acrylic on illustration board, 16" x 20", February 1987.


Mike said...

I really enjoy all these space-themed pieces. Thanks for posting an extra large pic. The details are great.

Tristan Alexander said...

This is very nice, I really like it! You are lucky to have had actual magazine and book covers.