Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nude in Purple

I needed something different to post tonight. Not old art and not Photoshop noodling. I turned to my usual need-to-improve subject, human figures. I chose an image from one of my model books and made my attempt on a piece of purple paper from a collection of colorful small pieces I save in a file. Hence, "Nude in Purple." Sounds like a pulp fiction title. I would like to use up all the little pieces of colored paper, so stay tuned for more efforts, figurative or not.

"Nude in Purple" is colored pencil and markers on purple paper, 5" x 10".


Tristan Alexander said...

OMG a nude woman! LOL
Other than looking like it needs more work, I think it has a lot of good things going. (note to anyone veiwing; she learned drawing on colored paper like this from me :) well at least partly!)

emikk said...

good job!