Friday, January 29, 2010

Portrait of a Noantri Lady

Her name is Novania and she is a character from my imaginary world of the Noantri. (See my Noantri Blog for more about this.) She is a journalist and historian, with an interest in science writing, and occupies the post of Director of Publications for the Institute for Theophoric Studies at Surakosai. This would be, in our parlance, an institute for techno-magery. She's full of interesting information.

The Noantri are in an alternate universe. They came to our Earth through a star-gate long before modern humans arose, and built a civilization here. They are a different species of humanity, though they share the same form with some different coloration, like blue-grey hair. Most Noantri have some level of psychic ability. The golden leaf-like things in Novania's hair are not her ears, they are ornaments which also have psychic shielding functions. Most Noantri wear some sort of shielding device.

This is done in Photoshop, coloring over a pencil drawing. I'm still learning this technique.

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Tristan Alexander said...

LOL, at first I did think those were odd ears (in the thumbnail only). OK, I hate photoshop and all computer coloring/drawing systems. But I have to admit, this looks almost exactly like your hand done,watercolor/colored pencil work!