Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snapea Crisps

"Snapea Crisps" are irresistible little crunchies that are formed in the shape of a pea pod. They are made from peas and rice, with salt added. You can put them in your salad, or add them to a party mix, or just eat them right out of the package, the way I do. If I am left alone with an open bag full of these, I will eat all of them so I have to be careful to share my Snapea Crisps. Also, they are not low-fat so you have to watch your Snapea intake.

Trader Joe's carries them and they are so popular that they are sold almost immediately; they can't keep'em on the shelves. This board advertises a large display of them which got smaller throughout the day. You may notice the "mid-century modern" ad style here, which I employ when I have the opportunity. And also note the pea-green color scheme. Peas be with you!


Mary said...

I love snap pea crisps. I have had t stop buying them since I have no self control and will wolf down the whole bag instantly. I allow them only a drive-in movies, where they replace popcorn.

thelawless1 said...

I love that you are continuing to to do this kind of stuff...
With change in the Tysons air, if you ever were to consider change, I'd always have room for you!