Friday, June 24, 2011

Americana in Markham

Markham, Virginia is at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's about an hour's drive from suburban Washington, DC. On the drive from Tysons Corner westward, I leave the shopping centers, office buildings, apartment blocks, crammed parking lots, and other features of "civilization" behind and retreat into a place where old buildings still exist and round hay bales sit in green meadows. This old post office, which is a legitimate post office and not a tourist reconstruction, is just off the big highway but is in its own little idyllic pocket. There is a railway a few yards away and I watched with awe as a freight train made its way through. Up the hill from the railway is the "Chateau O'Brien" winery. There are some old hotel and business buildings by the track which have been converted to residences. I love drawing places like this.

Sketch page is Pitt brown ink marker and colored pencils, June 23, 2011. Click on the picture for a somewhat larger version.

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