Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunset Hills Vineyard

The wine destination this Saturday was Sunset Hills Vineyard in Loudoun County, Virginia. They have an extensive set-up with a number of restored farm buildings and houses. There are plenty of vineyards, now just finishing their flowers and setting fruit. There is also an old stone springhouse and a patch of forest. The large barn you see here is a mid-19th century structure which has been renovated and turned into a rustic-luxurious tasting room and event area, with two elevated porches in the back for outdoor sipping. There is also a pavilion for more sipping, which was where I was when I drew this. I wasn't under the pavilion though, and as the oncoming purple clouds show, rain arrived while I was drawing this. I had to pack up my art stuff and finish it later, in my studio. Sunset Hills produces some very nice reds and my inspiration today was their Cabernet Franc Reserve.

Sunset Hills drawing is Pitt brown technical pen and colored pencil, 10" x 6", June 4, 2011.

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